Modular gate & fencing:
Gate styles

International Perimeter Security provides two types of gate styles for it’s modular gating and fencing system in order to cater for every requirement – swing gates and cantilever sliding gates.

All our ranges can be provided in any combination of swing gate configuration, whilst only our more heavy-duty Phoenix range can be provided in a cantilever sliding gate configuration (due to the structural requirements of operating a cantilever gate system).

Swing gates:

Swing gates, either double of single leaf, are the most commonly used gate style. Therefore, all of IPS’s modular gate and fencing systems cater for this style in a wide variety of configurations both asymmetric and symmetrical.

This style of gate can be tailored to any specific requirement by the addition / incorporation of a wide range of ironmongery (lock plates / drop bolts / latches etc.).

For our Phoenix and Vantage ranges we can also offer full swing gate automation.

Cantilever sliding gates:

For our Phoenix range of heavier-duty modular gate and fences, because of their more robust construction, they can also be configured as cantilevered sliding gates – which can be fully automated as well.

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