Modular gate & fencing system

International Perimeter Security developed its modular gate and fencing system to fit a growing need in the market for secure and effective perimeter security solutions that could be quickly and easily deployed without the costs in time and money associated with more traditional gate and fencing solutions.

The traditional way: time and cost intensive

Whilst there is nothing inherently wrong with the traditional way of implementing perimeter security, there are a number of issues which IPS’s innovative modular system has been designed to overcome, for example:

  • long lead times for the design and manufacture of bespoke gate and fencing systems
  • limited finishes available for larger bespoke items (powder coating / galvinising)
  • the need for heavy transportation
  • the need for increased site access
  • the need for installation equipment and personnel
  • high maintenance and repair costs
  • the single use focus of gate and fences
  • high costs associated with bespoke manufacture, transportation and installation

The traditional approach to perimeter security has a lot of costs associated with it with regard to planning, design, manufacture, transportation and not least installation. IPS’s system addresses all of these and delivers a quick, secure and cost-effective alternative.

The IPS way: quick, efficient and cost-effective

IPS has designed its modular gate and fencing systems to overcome the issues detailed above that are associated with traditional perimeter security solutions.

  • short lead times – the modularity of the system allows for standard components to be held in stock
  • wide range of finishes – the smaller component size allows for a greater range of finishes than normally available for large bespoke non-modular components
  • easy to transport – complete gate and fencing systems can be transported in their modular state reducing the need for larger vehicles (a complete gate system can be transported by a Transit class van)
  • reduced site access requirements – all our modular components are compact in dimensions and can be lifted by two men (or one strong man), significantly reducing the need to have wide access to the installation site
  • no specific installation equipment needed – subject to ground work, only hand tools are required to install our gate and fencing systems, and together with the man-portable nature of the components no lifting gear is required
  • re-usability – the modularity of the system allows for components to be reused, either in a similar installation or in a different configuration
  • reduced costs – with regard to design, manufacture, transportation and installation.

Please see “How our system works” to see the ease with which an IPS gate system can be implemented on site.

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