International Perimeter Security

Modular gate and fencing systems

International Perimeter Security (IPS) specialises in the development and manufacture of innovative modular secure gate and fencing systems that can be supplied and installed onsite in a fraction of the time of other perimeter security systems.

Our range of gate and fence systems provides fast and effective perimeter security for a wide range of applications and purposes both permanent and temporary.

Innovative perimeter security

IPS’s unique modular perimeter security system (patents pending) allows for any combination of security gate / security fence to be assembled from standard components, this delivers a wide range of benefits for those looking for fast and effective perimeter security:


Our gates and fencing systems are constructed from modular components allowing for:

  • Quick design process for a wide range of applications both temporary and permanent
  • Most items in stock allowing for quick delivery
  • Standardised installation process for all systems.


  • Components can be re-used as required either in the same configuration or as part of a different configuration
  • Speed of delivery and ease of installation gives greater flexibility in planning and implementing perimeter security solutions
  • Wide range of gate and fencing styles available to fit any purpose, including standard swing gates as well as cantilever and sliding gates (with automation options).

Easy to use:

  • Design and planning process greatly simplified by the use of modular system that can be adapted for any purpose
  • Installation on site is easy and quick, with even the most complex of configurations only needing two men to install
  • Modularity of system allows for easy transportation with the majority of gate systems, for example being able to be transported in a Transit class van or simply palletised and couriered.


  • Modular system allows for component parts to be re-used in different configurations
  • Entire perimeter systems (especially if using Sitegates) can be redeployed easily and effectively – maximising the return on investment
  • Broken or damaged components can be replaced in-situ with stock parts.

Permanent and temporary perimeter security

IPS’s gate and fencing systems are ideal for both permanent and temporary installations.

Our Sitegates range has been designed specifically for the construction and event industries (site perimeter security), with a focus on ease of installation, ease of storage and reusability.

Example of IPS's modular Sitegate system providing perimeter security for a construction site

Whilst our Vantage and Phoenix systems have been designed for more permanent uses such as perimeter security for commercial property and schools.

Example of IPS's Vantage modular gating system installed providing perimeter security for a school

Whatever your perimeter security requirements are, whether to secure a construction site, commercial premises or event security, IPS can provide an effective “off the shelf” solution that can be quickly and easily installed.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with us.