Commercial & industrial premises

Our Phoenix range of modular gates and fences are ideal for commercial and industrial premises perimeter security. Like with Sitegates, the Phoenix range was specifically designed for these purposes, in response to customer demand, which wanted the same flexibility and cost-effectiveness of our Sitegates range for more heavy-duty, semi-permanent / permanent perimeter security needs.

The Phoenix range uses the same modular system as our Sitegates range but is constructed of more heavy-duty and robust components. It shares all the same benefits of our Sitegates and is ideal for providing perimeter security to industrial and commercial premises.

Key benefits of our Phoenix range for industrial and commercial premises perimeter security include:

  • easy and quick to source – most components held in stock
  • easy to transport and errect on site – requiring no specialised machinery or access requirements for even the most complex of requirements
  • re-deployable – the modular construction allows the system to be reconfigured to any perimeter security need
  • low-cost maintenance and repair – the modular system allows for damaged parts to be swapped out for repair
  • available in standard galvanised finish, or powder coated in a wide range of colours.
Perimeter security applications – commercial & industrial premises:

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