About International Perimeter Security

International Perimeter Security has over twenty years experience in manufacturing and installing bespoke perimeter security solutions for a wide range of businesses and consumers.

A need to change

During that time, we were faced again and again with the same issues with regard to installing effective perimeter security in timely and cost-effective manner, specifically:

  • Holding stock – the bespoke nature of many perimeter security solutions meant that holding stock for quick deployment / repair or maintenance was impractical
  • Lead times – the majority of perimeter security installations, even the most simplest, were subject to long design and then manufacturing lead times
  • Finishes – many bespoke gate and fence items are large, precluding their use in standard sized hot dip galvanising baths or curing ovens for powder coating (unless specialist providers (expensive) are used)
  • Transportation & access – traditional bespoke gate and fence items need heavy duty transport (usually a flat-bed truck) which in turn requires increased access requirements
  • Installation – as with transportation, the installation of traditional perimeter security often needed heavy-duty lifting gear and attendant manpower
  • Single use – because of its bespoke nature, and the usual means of installation – perimeter security solutions were often single use only. Fine if the installation was permanent, not so fine if temporary or semi-permanent
  • Costs – the traditional means of providing bespoke perimeter solutions were characterised by increased costs throughout the entire process.

The change – International Perimeter Security

We recognised these issues, as we were facing them on a daily basis, which is why we developed our modular perimeter security solution to overcome all of the above issues, and in 2012 we formed International Perimeter Security Limited to take this innovative system to market.

Developing our range

We started out with our Sitegates range of perimeter security which proved the concept of our modular system beyond doubt and was well received within the market. Since then, we have expanded our range to include the Phoenix (a more heavy duty version) and our Vantage range (for more public areas) in response to customer demand.

Growing our business

International Perimeter Security is a customer focussed business. Whilst our modular perimeter security solutions may be standardised our customer service isn’t. We are a growing company striving to acquire and retain business, and the only way we know how to do that is by providing class-leading perimeter security solutions, cost-effectively with the best customer service.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with us.