Gate & fence installation

International Perimeter Security’s modular gating system is not only easy to order from stock for a wide range of configurations, but is also easily transportable and easily and quickly installed on site – to give a professional and secure perimeter security solution.

The following example shows the installation of a double swing 4m gate, with flanking fence panels. The entire process from start to finish took two hours and was undertaken by one man (we usually recommend two).

Modular gate installation – a walk through

Stage 1 – transportation

The van in the picture below contains everything needed to install the gate and associated fencing, including the gate and fencing itself with all the required tools for the job.

No HGV, lifting machinery or any form of special access is required to install IPS’s modular gating system.

Modular gate installation: Stage 1 - transporting the gate

Stage 2 – post fitting

The next stage is to install the gate posts which will support the gate itself, and in this installation the associated fencing panels. In this instance, the posts are secured by bolted plates (the post on the right will be set into the tarmac to account for a gradient on the installation site).

Note, the inset shows the “hinge insert” already bolted onto the gate post. The first panel will be bolted onto these inserts allowing.

Modular gate installation: Stage 2 - installing the gate posts

Stage 3 – hanging the first panel

Modular gate installation: Stage 3 - installing the first panel

The first panel is hung onto the inserts on the gate post. As each leaf of the gate will comprise of two standard IPS gate panels (1m each) the inserts for fitting the second panel are already fitted to the first panel.

This process literally only takes minutes to undertake.

Stage 4 – the first leaf complete

The second panel is bolted to the first panel using the inserts. Note the use of the specialised levelling equipment used to ensure the first leaf is horizontal (a mallet).

Modular gate installation: Stage 4 - installing the second panel and completing one leaf of the gate

Stage 5 – the second leaf

Stages 3 and 4 are repeated to hang the second leaf of the gate, and the gate is almost complete.

Modular gate installation: Stage 5 - installing the second leaf

Stage 6 – the final touches

Side fencing panels are fixed to the gate posts securing the area against pedestrian access, and the gate is complete.

From start to finish the time taken onsite was two hours. No special equipment, heavy transportation or special access was required and the site was fitted with the minimum disruption to the site (during the installation – the cars in the car park were coming and going).

Modular gate installation: Stage 1 6 - the completed gate assembly

The above represents some of the benefits of using International Perimeter Security’s gate and fencing systems to install a professional and secure gate quickly and easily, and most importantly, cost-effectively.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with us.