Modular gate & fencing:

Perimeter security: finishes available


International Perimeter Security offers all our modular gate and fencing components in a galvanised finish as standard, with the option of a powder coated finish.


Galvanisation offers exceptional corrosion protection. We recommend this finish for our more industrial orientated clients as the corrosion protection it offers is usually more hard wearing than other finishes.

We use a hot-dip galvanisation process to ensure that our gate and fencing components are fully finished and protected.

Powder coating:

The other standard finish we offer is powder coating, which offers good corrosion protection as well as a wide range of colours.

The finish is applied as a powder electrostatically and then cured in an oven to achieve a consistent hard-wearing good looking protective finish.

Optional finishes:

Due to the modularity of our gate and fencing system, IPS can offer virtually any finish that a client wants to exactly match their specific requirements.

The component parts of our system are small enough to allow hot-dipping (for galvanising and other hot-dip finishes) and curing (for powder coating and other paint / spray finishes) in standard sized baths and ovens. This negates the need to use specialist providers, thereby reducing the cost and increasing the finishing options available to our clients.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with us.