Modular gate & fencing:

Modular perimeter security for construction sites: Sitegates

Sitegates: perimeter security for construction sites / events

Our Sitegates range was primarily developed for construction site and event perimeter security where speed of deployment, cost-effectiveness and re-usability are the primary considerations.


Constructed using IPS’s unique innovative modular gate and fencing system, our Sitegates range can be easily stored, transported and quickly deployed on site with the minimum requirements in personnel and equipment to provide cost-effective and secure perimeter security solutions.

The system is based on a series of modular panels which can be connected together using standard fittings to form a wide range of gate and fencing configurations.


Sitegates can be be deployed / redeployed in a wide range of configurations dependent on user requirements, for example:

  • swing gates – single leaf / double leaf
  • bi-folding swing gates – single leaf / double leaf
  • fencing runs.

The modularity of the system allows users to re-use the components in any configuration, and if the system is damaged in anyway, only the damaged part needs replacing.

Finishes & infills:

Sitegates are supplied as standard with a glavanised finish. However, other finishes, such as powder coating (in a wide variety of colours) are available.

The standard infill for the panels is wiremesh, but plywood inserts can be provided.

Perimeter security: Sitegates
Uses: Temporary perimeter security where ease of deployment / redeployment and storage are key.
  • Construction sites
  • Event security
Stock panel widths:
  • 1,000mm
  • 750mm
Stock panel heights:
  • 2,000mm
  • 2,500mm
Panel infills:
  • Metal mesh
  • Plywood
  • Single swing
  • Double swing
  • Bi-folding (single or double swing)
  • Galvanised (standard)
  • Powder Coating (option)

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