Case study:
Devas Club

Russell Cawberry building contractors required a construction site gate for their Devas Club development in London.

The requirement:

Russell Cawberry building contractors approached International Perimeter Security with a requirement for a 4m double swing construction site gate at their new Devas Club development in central London.

However, they were unsure of the ground conditions where the gate was to be installed, and their requirement changed on the day of installation itself, from an equal double swing gate, to an asymmetric double swing gate – where one side could be used for pedestrian access.

Our solution:

This was a classic Sitegates (our modular gate and fence system) installation. All parts were provided from stock, allowing delivery and installation to be as quick as the client wanted. Due to the unknown nature of the ground conditions, the unit was shipped (using a Transit class van) with bolt down and dig in post socket (so that whichever was appropriate could be used).

On the day of installation itself, one bolt down and one dig in post socket was used, and the configuration of the gate was changed from an equal double swing gate to an asymmetric double swing gate. This required no additional parts and easily implemented – demonstrating the inbuilt advantages of a modular gate and fencing system.

Perimeter security case study - construction site: Devas Club

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