How our system works

The beauty of International Perimeter Security’s modular gating and fencing system is its simplicity and ease of use.

We manufacture the system in three different gate and fence styles to cater for specific markets, Sitegates for construction sites and events (where security, re-usability and ease of installation are key), Phoenix for heavy duty commercial use and Vantage which is our more aesthetically pleasing range. However, the same modular principals and style apply to each.

Modular perimeter security:


The building block of our system our are panels which are constructed in a variety of styles with open top and bottom rails and fixing points on two adjacent surfaces. These panels are galvinised as standard, and can be powder coated in any colour required.

These panels are used to construct both the gate and the fencing runs.

Inserts & attachments:

The panels are used in conjunction with a wide range of inserts and attachments which are bolted to the panels and which gives our system its inherent flexibility. These inserts can be used to connect panels together, hinge panels, connect panels to gate posts and, for cantilever gates, provide the fixing for the mono-rail.

These inserts allow our standard panels to be assembled to any configuration, easily and quickly with the minimum of installation and design time.


We provide two posts with either a dig in-socket or bolt down socket. As with the panels, a wide variety of finishes can be applied.


To perfectly tailor your gate and fence system to your specific requirements, we can provide drop-bolts, lock plates, cantilever beams, frames and motor plates.

Highly configurable gate & fencing system

All of the above can be combined into virtually any configuration easily and simply, and because of its modular nature, they can be re-used either in the same or a different configuration – giving you the maximum return on your investment.

IPS modular gate system - example of 4m double swing gate

IPS modular gate system - example of 3m single folding gate with pedestrian side gate

IPS Modular gate system - example of double swiing bi-folding gate

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with us.